Canadian Army Environmental Policy

Lieutenant-General P.F. Wynnyk

P.F. Wynnyk
Commander of the Canadian Army
September 2016

An Army that is strong, proud and ready requires a healthy and diverse environment to conduct training and to support the activities of force generation. Canadian Army activities can affect ecosystems and therefore it is essential to implement sustainable management practices.

In order to demonstrate due diligence and to manage operations and activities in an environmentally sustainable way, the Army will:

  • Implement an Environmental System (as per CAO 11-07);
  • Meet its obligations by complying with applicable environmental legislation and DND environmental stewardship policies;
  • Meet its environmental targets, as set out in the Army Operating Plan, in order to mitigate risks and prevent pollution;
  • Take environmental factors into consideration in all decision making; and
  • Continually improve environmental performance.

Commanders at all levels shall ensure that the requirements outlined in this Policy are implemented and communicated throughout their organizations. The active involvement of all organizations and personnel supporting the Army mission will help to ensure that we meet our environmental goals. 

P.F. Wynnyk
Lieutenant-General / Lieutenant-général
Commander of the Canadian Army / Commandant de l'Armée canadienne
September 2016 / Septembre 2016

Department of Defence / Canadian Armed Forces Environmental Initiatives

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