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Stay up to date with the latest information and resources for military and civilian members of the Canadian Army related to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 emergency and the steps being taken to minimize the risk to our members.


The Canadian Armed Forces has taken exceptional and unprecedented measures in the face of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). These necessary steps are to ensure the health and safety of our members, their families and all Canadians while ensuring operational readiness. The Canadian Army will remain agile as the situation develops.

Get updates on COVID-19 from the Government of Canada: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Latest Updates

Canadian Army: What you need to know

Here is the latest direction to and information for Canadian Army personnel to follow in response to COVID-19. Measures are effective March 17th, 2020 until further notice.


Individual Training Resumption Information Video


 Ongoing measures

  • Stay healthy by following COVID-19 rules.
  • Stay fit by exercising while observing COVID-19 rules. PSP Virtual Fitness
  • Be prepared and ready to deploy when required on Operations such as LASER, LENTUS or other taskings.
  • Available and willing members of the Primary Reserve and the Canadian Rangers may be employed on full-time Class C service under Operation LASER and will be part of an integrated CAF response alongside members of the Regular Force so that they are ready to respond as needed. For many Reservists, these contracts began as early as April 05, 2020 and will continue until end of August 2020.
  • Non-critical services at units, bases and Headquarters (HQs) are closed.
  • Individual training has resumed at schools and facilities in Gagetown, Borden and Kingston as well as at Divisional training locations. 
  • Army personnel requesting leave are not authorized to travel commercially by air, rail or bus.
  • Army personnel requesting leave are restricted to travel by ground within 250 KM of their place of work or primary residence.

COVID-19 awareness poster

COVID-19 awareness poster


This COVID-19 awareness poster is designed to look like a 1940s Second World War propaganda poster.

In large lettering, the word Beware is above a visual representation of the COVID-19 virus.

In front of the virus, a drawing of three soldiers gathered closely together, with one holding a coffee mug. Underneath them a warning:

Standing this close together spreads COVID-19 and hurts Canada
Do your part in physical distancing

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Canadian Army Reserve recruiting is now being done only online.

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