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Browning M2 .50-Cal. Heavy Machine Gun

This flexible heavy machine gun is belt fed, and can fire armour piercing tracer ammunition from armoured vehicles or the ground.

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Browning 9-mm Pistol

The Browning 9-mm pistol is a small, but effective sidearm that can be rapidly drawn and fired in close-quarter combat.

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C3 105-mm Howitzer

The C3 Howitzer is a mobile, general purpose field artillery weapon that can fire at a range of up to 18 kilometres.

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C6 7.62-mm Medium Machine Gun

The C6 7.62-mm, which can fire at a maximum rate of 1100 rounds per minute, can be carried by ground soldiers or mounted on armoured vehicles.

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C7A2 5.56-mm Automatic Rifle

Capable of single or automatic fire, the C7A2 automatic rifle is the personal weapon used by the Canadian Armed Forces.

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C8A3 Carbine Rifle

Similar to the C7A2, the C8A3 carbine rifle has an additional holographic sighting system for close combat.

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C9A2 Light Machine Gun

The C9A2 light machine gun, capable of dual-fed automatic fire, is primarily used as an infantry support weapon.

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M777 Lightweight 155-mm Towed Howitzer

The M777 is lighter and smaller, yet more powerful than any gun of its kind, with highly accurate fire due to a digital fire control system.

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81-mm Mortar

The 81-mm mortar has the tactical advantage of a high firepower path, which allows it to engage targets from behind cover.

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